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Best view! Center Ice -200

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Listing Name:
Best view! Center Ice -200
Season Plan:
Full Season (2018-19)
(43 total games)
Seats Per Game:
Ticket Category:
200 Level: Center - Front (A-F)
Section / Row / Seat:
200 / E / 11
200 / E / 12
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
Ticket Forwarding
Offer Minimum:
8 games
Looking to release partial ticket packages. Location is center ice, below executive suites, so it's a smaller more secluded section. Very nice! Some of the best seats in the house.
Ticket listings posted, 8 game minimum buy-in. Current game roster listed all must be purchased as group (8 games to include pre-season).
Additional tickets may be available throughout season.
Any questions, please let me know and I'd be happy to discuss. GO CAPS!!!
*Season ticket holder benefits NOT included.
  • Center ice!
  • Center view
  • Center view
  • View left
  • View right
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Date Opponent Section / Row / Seat Price

This listing currently has no tickets available for sale.

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    Hello, I'm looking for some Caps seats for the upcoming season. After taking my daughter to a couple games last season she's become a big fan! If there are just 6 games available for these seats may I ask which ones? I'm currently looking at 10 game packages, but 6 would be fine as well. Thanks! Justin
  • Hello Justin, Thank you for your message and interest in my tickets. Always happy to hear of and meet fellow Caps fans. At this time an updated game list is pending. I have two partners already with claimed tickets initially. However, we as we near the season we all collectively may throw some tickets back in. I wouldn't want you to wait and miss on other opportunities though as I'm not entirely sure of the details yet. Sorry I couldn't offer anything immmediately. I hope that you find some other good options. If you don't settle on something in the next few weeks, I will definitely have some single games available for direct sale. Take care. Go CAPS!
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    Hello, My wife and I are interested in your shared season tickets. Great timing as we were considering a cheaper set of seats but would rather have center ice. If we were to make a deal we'd like to get 1/2 season (20 or 21 games depending on how you'd like to take the uneven split, or we can work in the 1/2 price preseason games if you'd like to even it out at 22 each). However, I have a few questions on specifics: Your post is written with the option for multiple splits but if we buy 1/2 of the season we would like access to STH benefits as well. Specifically to include access to playoff tickets as they are released (obviously shared 50/50 with you). Is this OK with you? We can split every other game or whatever works best. Also would be interested in the other STH benefits that make sense to share (such as discounts, pre-sales, etc.) Do you know how the payment system works? I saw there is an option to “Pay Capitals Directly” which I’m good with, but this site doesn't say how it handles that payment. Do you know how that works? If paying you directly – how would you like that payment? Any option for deposit + monthly? I know the caps are doing a 33% down + 8 months of payments for the remaining 77% - would this work for you? Concerning future playoff runs – my understanding from STH friends is that you have to buy the whole round in order to get any games. (Can’t just buy Game 3 for example, have to buy 3/4/7). With us splitting this – is there a commitment to buy each of our own “share” of those for every round? I’d be good with doing it, but I know they can get expensive in the later rounds (look at the finals). Are you OK with a commitment to buy those if/when they are released? Obviously we could have a discussion about either of us buying the whole round if the other doesn’t want to or negotiating it to whatever level we like. Look forward to hearing from you!
  • Hi there Chad! Thank you for contacting me and for your interest. About the seats, when I purchased, these were the best seats available in the 400 level. As I'm sure you may have already checked out the view or know, this is the most middle section. As for the split, there are 41 games and 3 pre-season. If I have someone to come in and buy half package it would be an even split. Yes, I would open up the option for 'some' of benefits. This would have to be negotiated separately and offline as I am not sure how else that could work. I am very flexible on the games. To be quite honest, I plan to use a fraction of the tickets for few games I like and hold out for playoffs and big games. We could look at the schedule and take turns with picks for the season. I would strongly emphasize keeping these tickets close to home if there is a schedule conflict. Meaning, if I can't make a game, I should offer my partners a swap or buyout first before considering other options such as selling for profit. Discounts and pre-sales for playoffs will definitely be included. However, any monetary benefits will 'not' and events 'owner' (me) will have priority but will share some events. As for payment, that is exclusively up to the owner. Personally I would not want to get into a payment situation as I am just a single, private ticket holder. As I have done, I would prefer payment in full or larger payments depending on further discussion, but not a long payment plan. Sorry. Playoffs, you buy the full round upfront. So you pay for the 3 or 4 games as soon as the tickets are released for sale. For this I would work out payment upfront for split tickets as handled for the rest of season. I want all to be fair. If the tickets are odd count, I will decide who gets the extra round, BUT, that will guarantee priority for the next round to the person with the lesser tickets from the prior. All that said, you would not have to pay for playoffs until the end of the season at the beginning of each round. Payment due before the round starts. No pay, no playoffs. Everything noted, just know that I am very flexible. I am a single guy that occasionally takes my friends, son, or a date here and there. I am looking for someone to split the package and enjoy the benefits while saving a lot of money. Helping one Caps friend to another. If all this sounds good to you, we can open up a better communication forum and iron out details. Let me know what you think and any follow-up questions.
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