ProVenue Integration

Supercharge your SplitSeasonTickets program by adding our integration with's ProVenue. Your season ticket holders will be able to easily import their tickets and then forward tickets to their partners.

Integrating your ProVenue system will make your SplitSeasonTickets program exponentially more useful to your customers.

SplitSeasonTickets Joins the Ranks of Certified Solutions

linked by email address

Select Your Season Ticket Location

SplitSeasonTickets accounts are linked by verified email address. Once the link has been established, season ticket holders can survey their inventory and select the ticket location they wish to import.


Import Your Tickets

Any tickets currently controlled by the season ticket holder can be imported. Price and cost data are included which will facilitate listings to find new partners.

Assign your Tickets!

With tickets imported from ProVenue, season ticket holders can allocate their tickets using a Ticket Draft, our Ticket Management Tools, and/or by finding new partners. Once tickets have been assigned to partners, they can continue to actually forward the tickets.



Season ticket holders can select multiple tickets at once to forward to their partners. After two factor authentication, the forward is submitted and completed, and confirmation emails sent. The receiving partner can immediately see their tickets in their ProVenue and/or "My Tickets" system.

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